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Selected Transactions


Ambrx (ARX-201) (in-license agreement)

Novo Nordisk (drug delivery devices)

ZymoGenetics (TACI-Ig, FGF18, anti-IL22RA MAb, anti-IL31 Mab)

CGI Pharmaceuticals (small molecule kinase inhibitors)

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (research collaboration)

Novo Nordisk and ZymoGenetics (three-way preclinical development collaboration)

Paratek Pharmaceuticals (small molecule therapeutics)

Dyax (phage display antibody technology)

Inpharmatica (platform technology)

Nautilus (protein engineering)

Bionomics (outlicense of small molecule program)

Weizmann Institute (research collaborations)

Novo Nordisk (cross license agreement)

ZymoGenetics (strategic research alliance)

Massachussetts Institute of Technology(product licenses in oncology)

Biopharm (collaboration and license agreement)

University of Bristol (collaboration and license agreement)

University of Zurich (collaboration and license agreements)

University of Geneva (collaboration and license agreements)